happy name

See domains, social handles, trademarks and vanity toll-free numbers all in one, friendly, business name search.

The Challenge

happy name is a new way to search for a business name. Type in a word or phrase and the application will search domains, social media handles, trademarks, and vanity toll-free numbers. In an instant you'll know if the name your considering has the marketing assets available that are essential to your business. The application also has basic domain whois lookup capabilities giving users the ability to contact domain owners about a domain they'd like to own. This is an interal team product. The team designed and coded the front-end, then worked with a backend developer to build out the application on the web.


User Flows
Creative Direction
Concept Designs
Visual Design
HTML Emails
Responsive Design
Art Direction
Developer Specs
Developer Management
Design Documentation
Logo Design

In today's business landscape, having a domain name is not enough for a business. happy name opens the doors to more visibility in your next business name search.

The core user flows were designed to be quite simple - a single view for nearly all states of the application. This keeps users focused on the search and avoids unnecessary distractions.

Ever received a cease and desist letter for accidentally using someone else's name? We have. Avoid this mistake by seeing trademark results along with your business name search.

Each view and screen was designed with responsiveness in mind. Users on mobile phones can access the value of happy name just as well as someone on a desktop or tablet device.

In just a few clicks, the app allows you to see the domain owner's information and reach out. No more complex whois searches covered in spammy ads.

At the end of the day, entrepreneurship and business creation is only getting simpler. Shouldn't the same be true with how you pick a name for your business?

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