Cryptocurrency robo-advising for the masses? Say hello to BitFinance.

The Challenge

BitFinance is the first cryptocurrency robo-advisor. Fund your account, set your financial goals and BitFinance does the rest. The team came to Oxy before they had any designs and asked for help to create the first experience for key screens of the platform. We collaborated with BitFinance executives to bring the views to life. We created hand-sketched concepts, transitioned into formal wireframes, crafted a components-based design system that matched their existing brand standards and finally, produced the final views using the on-brand component library. The views were developed shortly after the designs were complete by the dev team and became the first prototype of the platform.


Creative Direction
Concept Designs
Component Research
Visual Design
UI Library
Design System
Interactive Prototype
Responsive Design
Developer Spec
Design Documentation

After clarifying project goals and requirements, we took to the whiteboard to create a range of possible shapes the initial wireframes could take.

We moved the hand-sketched wireframes into formal, higher-fidelity wireframes. Here we could get feedback from all product stakeholders.

Once the desktop wires were approved, the team made sure each view was optimized for all device sizes.

The company already had a brand style. We used what we saw on the homepage as a visual baseline to craft a visual language and full UI library.

BitFinance is evidence we've officially entered into the next generation of trading.

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