Create, share and discover virtual spaces with friends.

The Challenge

Outta is an augmented reality app that's truly the first of its kind. The app gives users the ability to create virtual spaces, place content & images in space and share them with friends. The app was already launched to the public before we began working on it. We iterated on a previous designer's work, introducing features, optimizing the onboarding experience and cleaning up the visual design of the interface. The team also created a series of animated social media ads that claimed the app's first 100K downloads, leading to over 25K registered users. Shortly after the work was complete on the app, Verizon decommissioned the experimental product team the app was developed under and the app was taken out of the app store.


Visual Design
Social Ads
Visual Design
Final Designs
Design Documentation
Swag Design

Central to the features of the app, Outta lets you see virtual spaces those around you have created. You can travel to the location, unlock them and discover what others have placed there for you to find.

Creating a virtual space of your own? Add stickers, photos, text or even a GIF with the world. Your space becomes your own virtual canvas.

Outta lets users create, discover and share virtual spaces like never before.

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