A new brand for the largest online health community.

The Challenge

MedHelp is the largest online health forum with over 300 million visitors each year. Users visit to get answers to their health questions. Since it's conception in the 90's, the platform has not had much (if any) attention given to the visual design or user experience. MedHelp needed a modern brand that appealed to their target demographic - women between 18-35 with a medical condition. We were tasked, alongside an outside brand designer, to reimagine the branding direction for MedHelp and its forums. We generated personality and branding worksheets, produced moodboards, directed the creative vision and was ultimately responsible for translating the final brand guidelines into UI standards for the platform.


Persona Definition
Visual Design
UI Library
Design System
Creative Direction
Brand Design

The project began by defining the intended goals and outcomes. Then we define the attributes of the brand that would guide the creative process to the intended brand personality.

Next we transitioned into collecting images that represented & embodied the attributes and emotions defined in the personality attributes worksheet.

From the moodboard, we crafted select concept directions that the brand could become.

The team collectively reviewed and agreed on a single direction. We iterated and finalized a visual style that aligned with the brand's goals.

The final brand was then translated into a full UI library and ultimately took presence throughout the platform.

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