Royalty-free music for Twitch's game-streaming super club.

The Challenge is the video game-streaming giant. The audience for a single live stream can grow from tens of thousands to millions of viewers. The Challenge is if a gamer is playing music that is not properly licensed, it infringes the music copyright when being redistributing to 10MM viewers during a live stream. responded by creating a library of royalty-free music for their broadcasters to play. The company requested a website to announce the music library to their broadcasters. We worked with Twitch executives, developers and partnership heads to see this design come to life.


Design Strategy
UI Patterns
Website Design
Developer Spec
Design Documentation

The modules that make up the new site needed to be dynamic and always able to house updating content.

When broadcasters search the database, they were provided with a intuitively seamless experience when they see the results. They can see track details and actionably access the content on 3rd party sites.

Since this site would live along existing pages, the team inventoried their existing brand and visual standards to know what style we should use and which we should not use.'s broadcaster audience now had a simple solution to be able to access, search and browse royalty-free music to play during their live streams.

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