Google Navigo

A better way to assess the risk of employee purchases.

The Challenge

Google pays out over $45B annually to its suppliers. That equates to countless transactions being made by who-knows-how-many employees. There are inherent risks to making payments - especially at that volume. To support Google's ability to get visibility into the payments their employees are making, they created a software called Navigo. Employees use this software to answer questions about their purchases. Based on their responses to the questions, the transactions are programmatically tagged as low, medium or high risk. I worked onsite at Google as a TVC (contractor). We interfaced with product and engineering teams on a daily basis, writing product requirements, designing new features, and coaching developers through the deployment of those new features. Our team also worked closely with a PhD UX Researcher to regularly perform usability testing on features we designed with end-users.


User Experience
Creative Direction
User Testing
A/B Testing
User Flows
Concept Designs
Component Research
Visual Design
UI Library
Design System
Interactive Prototype
Art Direction
Developer Specs
Design Documentation

Many users were not 100% clear on what Navigo was. We designed onboarding cards and illustrations to better communicate the app's purpose and value.

At Google, it goes without saying that Material Design is the standard for interface design. Material Design standards were the guiding light to all designs on the Navigo project.

Teams often struggled finding transactions within Navigo. The team designed a filter and search widget that would make this task more simple, all while adhering to Material Design-style components.

As a primary function of the app, users needed a simple way to read and answer questions about their purchases.

Prior to joining the project, a style guide had not been established. We took it upon ourselves to set the standards for Navigo-specific design styles (vs. Material Design styles) so the developers could more simply scale their efforts.

Navigo is Google's first line of defence against malicious purchases.

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