Gaming infrastructure as a service.

The Challenge

Merigo offers gaming infrastructure as a service. Rather than recreate complex gaming logic from scratch each time, the platform offers software solutions for a variety of gaming types and scenarios - saving game building teams thousands of hours. The platform lacked a visual design prior to launch. The team reached out to us needing a design system created so they could give their already-existing MVP designs a marketable look and feel, as well as an improved visual language for the user experience. We walked the team through a series of exercises where we inventoried the components of their interface, defined a clear, unique aesthetic style, and produced a design system in the form of a component library. The development team leveraged this design system to apply the new style to existing screens throughout the experience.


Creative Direction
Component Research
Concept Design
Visual Design
UI Library
Design System
Developer Spec
Website Design
Design Documentation

The team provided us with the initial MVP screen wireframes. The team thoroughly inventoried them to find all components and layouts unique to the experience.

I went around the web and found holistic UI design samples and component-based design inspiration. The team presented the findings with the client and gathered client preferences that would inform the final design system production.

Based on the clients preferences from the visual language workshop, we crafted a full UI component library.

To validate the component designs, we created a few key screens and iterated on the components based on stakeholder feedback.

With a new visual design and improved visual language, Merigo was ready to reskin their entire app and blow the socks off the game building industry.

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