A modern design of the world's largest online health community.

The Challenge

MedHelp is the largest online health forum, with over 300 million visitors each year. Users visit the platform to get answers to their health questions. We guided the team through a rebrand to help our platform better connect with our target demographic - women between the ages of 18-35 with a medical condition. With new brand standards in hand, we had the enormous task of bringing the platform up to the new design standards. The team inventoried the entire platform, identified key screens, wireframed all views, crafted a new visual language, produced high-fidelity screens with the new visual style, and coached engineering through the integration of the final screen designs. The outcome was a completely redesigned user experience of both the marketing pages and app views.


User Flows
Creative Direction
Concept Designs
Visual Design
Design System
UI Patterns
Responsive Design
Developer Specs
User Testing
A/B Testing
Design Mentor
Design Documentation

I looked at every page and view within the MedHelp platform to get a holistic inventory of what would be included in the final scope.

Core template pages were identified from the initial inventory screenshots. We wireframed each view in order to help us get away from the current visual style of the application.

From the wireframes, we pulled out unique components. This was the first attempt at creating an inventory of the components needed in the new design system.

While referencing the new brand standards and researching component layouts with the team, the team crafted a new set of components who's styles aligned closely with the new brand direction.

I went screen-by-screen and moved the wireframe designs into final designs. Components not previously designed were created at this point and added to the UI library.

Each and every view was carefully optimized to feel comfortable on mobile and tablet devices.

The new design system was now fully-baked, comprised of all components used in the desktop and mobile designs.

Here's a quick look at the before and after of the designs. The final designs with the new brand standards simplified and elevated the entire health forums experience.

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