An app that takes the pain out of purchasing and tracking lottery tickets.

The Challenge

Lottolotto is a mobile app take the stress out of managing lottery tickets. The agency responsible for interfacing with the Lottolotto client hired us at the last minute needing help building onto an initial concept design in preparation for a presentation to the client. We iterated on the designs to optimize flows and introduce new features. The client was very pleased with the final outcomes. The Lottolotto app was launched as a react native app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


UX Design
Visual Design
Final Designs
Design Documentation
Interactive Prototype

The app needed a simple, consistent experience for creating a Lottolotto account and accessing an existing account.

The app leveraged an advanced OCR library that had the capabilities of detecting the lottery and raffle information all from scanning a ticket.

Creating lottery pools with friends was a highly sought-after feature. Lottolotto makes it simple to spin up pools, invite friends, and monitor winnings.

Need to know where a specific lottery ticket is being sold near you? Swipe up and see a map of vendors near your real-time location.

Lottolotto was designed on the principles of simplicity and minimalism. Managing lottery tickets has never been more simple.

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