Outbound Sales Experimentation Specialist (Business Development), Remote

Full-time, Remote (US time zones)

About Oxy

Oxy is a creative design agency with offices in Phoenix and Salt Lake. We use our superpowers to create customer and business value through intuitive product designs and brand experiences. The bulk of our work is done for emerging startups and tech-enabled enterprises without strategic design support. Our work has been seen/used by millions of people across the world. Our focus as an agency is on strategy and production design for product experiences, messaging and brand identity. Clients love working with us because we’re relentless in our focus on helping define and achieve outcomes that help move their businesses and visions forward.

The role

We're looking for an Outbound Sales Experimentation Specialist. This person will play a pivotal role in helping Oxy explore and discover effective ways to grow channels from which new business will be generated. As a creative agency, too often new business is a byproduct of word-of-mouth leads; who the agency members know, or who our past and current clients know. We need a talented person who is willing to ideate, document, test and track experiments to uncover new ways to expand Oxy’s network, which will directly and indirectly lead to the generation of new business and growth in sales. This person will also be responsible for assisting with efforts needed to close new business, i.e. taking intro calls, writing proposals, creating/sending contracts, sending invoices, etc. For a better perspective of this role, see the sections titled 'about you', 'key tasks', ‘what success looks like’, and 'key requirements' below.

About you

  • You're brutally honest and you don't let bullshit slide. Your honesty can make people feel uncomfortable, which is not the same as being an asshole.
  • Your default position is to assume others have good intentions and good will, and you expect the same in return.
  • You see yourself as a human first, employee second (or not at all).
  • You take pride in what you produce. i.e. Cutting corners makes you feel uneasy.
  • You value managers who empower you to take the time to do things right, or support you to have the time to figure out what it means to do things right.
  • You try to think in first-principles, and often question how something can be made better - a process, an output, a presentation, etc.
  • You're willing to let Oxy be your primary mental focus from a career perspective, and give it priority over other opportunities, interests and hobbies.
  • You're not an asshole* (See below for the official definition of ‘asshole’).
  • You would quit any job that forced you to work with assholes.
  • You are looking for ‘second family.’** (See below for the official definition of ‘second family’).

Key tasks

  • Document and improve the documentation of Oxy’s offerings.
  • Document and improve the documentation of Oxy’s target personas, and map potential offerings for each.
  • Ideate & document potential experiments on how Oxy could generate leads for new business.
  • Execute experiments and document the results.
  • Be willing to try a range of sales tactics, ranging from remote to in-person. (i.e. cold outreach, emails, phone calls, LinkedIn messaging, networking events, in-person activities, etc.)
  • You’ll dysect each experiment to understand what ‘could be optimized’ and ‘what variables are present’ as to know what additional things can be tested.
  • Present experiment findings & results in weekly internal meetings.
  • Create profiles of potential leads, continuously adding to the list over time as new contacts are discovered/made.
  • Track all outbound contacts made - including the message/tactics - with associated profile data.
  • Take notes on calls with potential clients, documenting learnings. Present ‘learnings’ to the team on a weekly basis.
  • Understand potential client needs and propose solutions to those needs in the form of a proposal.
  • Craft and send project contracts, proposals and invoices.

What success looks like

  • You will come ready to experiment and uncover, through trial and error, effective outbound sales strategies.
  • You’ll document your experiments in a way that makes it clear to know what you have tried, what worked, and what did not work.
  • You will take pride in the quantity of experiments you perform, and the quality of each of those experiments.
  • Your experiments will result in generating new business for Oxy.
  • You are proactive and can be relied upon to continue to come up with new experiments, execute those experiments and document the results of the experiments with little or no supervision.
  • You’ll meet weekly, monthly and quarterly goals, as defined by you and the partners at Oxy.
  • For successful experiments, you’ll document exactly the steps you followed as to empower another person to replicate the experiment with little or no friction.

Key requirements

  • 2 years working in a sales role.
  • (Bonus) You've done sales for a services business and/or a creative agency.
  • Personable and extroverted.
  • Comfortable working in ambiguity.
  • Willingness to ask for clarity and help, especially when it may feel awkward or uncomfortable to do so.
  • Low ego, collaborative, and open minded.
Apply via email
*An ‘asshole’ is someone who is unreasonable. A person who does not accept responsibility for their actions, and often blames others or circumstances for their shortcomings. Someone who doesn’t admit they are wrong, or resists the urge to admit are wrong when they are. Someone who puts their needs above the needs of others. Someone who doesn’t ask for help, or is afraid to admit they do not know something when knowing it is important or useful. An asshole is a person that talks shit behind the backs of others. A person who jumps to conclusions, often assuming ill-will on others. Also, a part of the body, commonly referred to as the anus.
**‘Second family’ is a group of people that you associate with, often over a long period of time, where you feel you can be your true self, shamelessly. You feel comfortable talking about anything with them, without a lingering fear of retaliation from saying the wrong thing or being crucified if ‘something comes out wrong.’ This group of people values you as a human, independent of your talents and ‘worth’ to an organization. They offer you trust and acceptance as a default in every interaction they have with you. Second family does not take long-term offense to simple misunderstandings, and trusts that differences in beliefs can exist between members without resentment or judgement. Second family does not feel the need to compete with each other and they offer each other support. They do not become envious, but rather they find joy when others see success.